La Campana
- Italian Ristorante

La Campana, 46 Calder Road, Bellsquarry, Livingston. EH54 9AA Tel: 01506 465401

Our award-winning restauranteur and chefs would like to extend a very warm welcome to you when you dine with us here at La Campana Restaurant.

With our culinary expertise and award-winning seafood dishes, we are certain we can offer an excellent variety of well-prepared food to satisfy every taste.

Our aim is to make your dining experience with use as comfortable and relaxed as possible, with freshly-prepared delicious food and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Special dietary requirements? Please check out our Gluten and Lactose Free Menu here. If you have any other queries, please ask our staff, who will do their best to assist you.

Any queries about these menus please feel free to , or telephone us on 01506 465401